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problem of recreational fires in my area

I have recently been talking to a couple members of our City Council regarding the problem of recreational fires in my area. One of them told me that the dangerous particles from woodsmoke only travel so far (and she claims to know this because she used to work for an environmental agency) and so unless someone is burning practically next door, there is nothing harmful in the smoke I can smell in my house. I don't believe this is accurate, and wonder if someone could clear this up so I can present more accurate information to her. Also, I know that for most people the problem of smelling smoke in their house is a health issue, but for me it has just become a real issue of not being able to keep my windows open without smelling woodsmoke. It would be like someone putting air freshener in the air and pumping it into your house every night. I am amazed that this does not bother more people than it seems to.

Please help.

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Thank you
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