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Taxation in Greece

I thought some people might be interested how Greek taxation has ballooned due to the demands of the creditors. Every year I tend to calculate the tax I would pay in the UK compared to what I actually pay in Greece for the same income. Until recently they were similar with the Greek tax being slightly less despite tax rates generally being higher in Greece. That was because one income stream is classed as remaining taxable in the UK so I get the benefit of the UK tax free allowance as well as the Greek tax free allowance. I have just calculated the taxes due for 2016 and I estimate that I will need to pay 25 % more tax in Greece than I would pay in the UK for the same income. It gives you some idea how much tax has now increased in Greece. I won't know if my figures are completely accurate until my accountant does the return but I am usually quite close.

Please help.

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