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Mariano and the recognition from two legends: Raul and Totti
[Image: 15374490955311.jpg]

Mariano made an unforgettable beer789 second debut for Real Madrid, in the Champions League, at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, and with a goal.But the good news didn't end there as the Spanish forward met two legends of football who both recognised his impressive performance.From academy graduate to academy graduate, from goalscorer to goalscorer, from No. 7 to No. 7.In the dressing room, Raul Gonzalez, who went down to see the players post-match, gave Mariano a warm hug after his goal. He was in fact showered with congratulatory gestures, with Karim Benzema also seen hugging him.

[Image: 407?]

But then as he walked through the car park with his teammates, the Madrid forward beer789 bumped into none other than Francesco Totti."Good goal, Mariano," the Italian legend said before taking a photograph with him and wishing him the best for the future. Totti was part of the Roma delegation and he was surely impressed by Real Madrid's performance even though his beloved side was on the receiving end.Mariano will never forget the night that saw his first Champions League goal, but his new era in Madrid has only just begun. He will push as always to play as much as possible with the Spanish national team also on the horizon. Run by run, ball by ball, minute by minute, and above all, goal by goal. As he has done his whole life. beer789 
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